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House Rules

qorDu' ra'mey

"qorDu' ra'mey"


ra' 1- Remember we deal with tera'ngans in public, too much tlhIngan like behavior may scare and intimidate them. Watch yourself accordingly.

ra' 2 - No real, or steel weapons will be brought out in public. Weapons must be peace-bonded, and if on display, well guarded, and un-utilized.

ra' 3 - Dishonorable behavior within the house will not be tolerated. ie. Flirting or stealing another Klingons parmaqai. You will answer to the House Council and be dismissed from the house.

ra' 4 - Physical combat with Feddies will not be allowed. Remember we are at peace with the Federation......for now.

ra' 5 - Public demonstrations of weapon use are allowed, but must be approved by local authorities, properly cordoned off, well-guarded, and not involve the general public.

ra' 6 - Most important... Have fun! This is fandom, enjoy yourself, and the character you portray.