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About the House Proctor

Mor'ex puqloD'veS

Born to an Imperial Navy captain, Mor'ex's future was set in steel. His father took him on many mission as a young lad, as soon as he could hold a Bat'leth. Mor'ex's family line is know as the great Tribble hunters, during the plague of tribbles, Mor'ex's grandfather was knee deep in fuzz. Mor'ex was taught the best of the Navy, and his father was killed in glorious combat at the battle of DS9. Shortly after, Mor'ex was declared a warrior, and has until now, made his honor his own, but has found this new house to be one that he believes to be one that would be most honorable to join, along with his shipmates.

Mor'ex is currently a Sogh , and the Executive Officer of the IKV QIH vo'logh.