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About the Epetai


Epetai Malto'ch vestai-puqloD'veS was born on Qo'noS, on Imperial Stardate 19730.204 to K'Zarn and M'Arsella, he had a very good childhood, and was raised in the Klingon way. On SD 19831.020, he had his first solo hunt, and brought back several Tar'gh for his family.

On SD 19900.204, he performed the Rite of Ascension, and was declared a warrior, he joined the Imperial Navy, and impressed the chancellor so much that he was recruited to his honor guard. 

On SD 19960.520, he was appointed the rank of bu' and assigned to the IKV QOQ'IQ of the SonchIy Squadron, Ice Dragon Fleet of KAG Kanada. During this year his family was entirely wiped out by a plague in his village, distraught as he was, that his family did not die in battle he carried on.

On SD 19970.819, he was promoted to Sogh cha'DIch , and assigned as the Executive Officer of the IKV Black Odyssey of the Mailed Glove Squadron, Steel Fist Fleet, of KAG Kanada. Around SD 19980, he was offered a position and a new house in House Tuq'mar, he accepted and became the batlh av'wI. It was also around this time, that he took over as Commanding Officer of the IKV Black Odyssey. 

On SD 19981.224, he was promoted to Sogh, and given the honorific of vestai. He continued as Commanding Officer of IKV Black Odyssey,   and also became the Executive Officer  of the Mailed Glove Squadron.

On SD 19990.721, he was transferred to the IKV So'targ, as an observing officer. The ship was disabled by the Dominion, and Malto'ch was denied an honorable death, and spent many months as a prisoner of war.

On SD 20000.220,  he and a few other warriors escaped, he was assigned to the Command Vessel IKV Dragon Fire, of SonchIy Squadron, where he stayed until he returned to Qo'noS on SD 20001.010, where he was awaiting his new assignment.

On SD 20010.225, he was assigned to the newly built, and commisioned B'Rel class Bird of Prey, the IKV QIH vo'logh. Where he continues to command.

On SD 20010.809, he left House Tuq'mar to form his own line. It was not an easy task, for members of Tuq'mar were honorable, but the Epetai of Tuq'mar was not. He felt that he could not serve under an epetai who granted himself promotions, honors, and awards that were not awarded him. Thus he left and House puqloD'veS was formed.

On SD 20010.921, he was promoted to Lt.Cmdr.

Thus ends this warriors tale, for now...........