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About the House Cha'DIch/Weaponmaster

Kovosh puqloD'veS


28 Years ago, a Klingon was born. His father, Movosh, had hopes that his son would one day be a warrior of great honor and distinction, and rise up  through ranks better than he did. One day to hold a high seat in a respected house.

However, when his son was very young, he found out that he was weak, and would never be a warrior. With no hope for his son to live and die honorably as a warrior, his father's heart grew cold, as he had no  other sons, and his mate had died giving birth to Kovosh. He left Kovosh behind, and went off to fight against the Romulans. He died in battle, never to return.

Kovosh grew older, and still was not strong; he spent most of his life in hospulats. However, he had a great mind for weapon and ship design, for this reason, he was not killed. Eventually, he began to go against the odds, and pushed himself harder and harder each day. When he began, he was to weak to lift a batleh, so he went off alone to the caves of the mountains of Qo'Nos

After ten years, he emerged from the mountains, in his hands he held the batleh of his Great Grandfather. Not only could he lift it, he could make it sing. He had become what his father thought was impossible. A Warrior.

As he walked from the mouth of the mountains, with the  batleh held high over his head, he roared until his lungs had no breath left. This was  a warning to all others; a new Klingon warrior has entered the field of battle.

This is Kovoshs' story......

Kovosh is currently assigned as the Strategic Operations Officer/3IC, and Marine Cell commander of the IKV QIH vo'logh of SonchIy Sqn, Ice Dragon Fleet, of KAG Kanada.