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Crew Roster

Lt.Cmdr. Malto'ch vestai-puqloD'veS IS 

Commanding Officer

              Lt. Mor'ex tai-puqloD'veS               

Executive Officer/Navigator

Standing in Photo

          M/Lt. Kovosh tai-puqloD'veS IS            

Strategic Operations Officer/3IC/Marine Cell Cmdt.

2nd Lt. D'Ragg puqloD'veS 

Intelligence/Reconnaissance Officer

Picture not Available

                Lt j.g. Kalaina puqloD'veS                 

 Chief Medical Officer

           Lt j.g. B'Elanna puqloD'veS                  

Medical Officer

Picture Not Available

Picture Not Available

                Sergeant MovoQ puqloD'veS                 

Chief of Security

   Petty Officer 1 Miral puqloD'veS  

Reserve Communications Officer

Picture Not Available

           Mistress (PO1) Voshka puqloD'veS         

Ship Protectress

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This Could Be You!

This Could Be You!